Thursday, February 23, 2006


I'm writing briefly of one of the biggest events that ever happened here in Brazil: the U2 concert in Sao Paulo. Well, as I wrote in previous post, I should have gone there, but getting the tickets was almost impossible: we tried, tried for almost 2 months and finally gave up! Well, if I could only go back in time, I wouldn't have given up the chance to see the U2 for the world! Instead of being there and see Bono and his band in flesh, I watched everything on TV and every second ofd the show I bitterly regretted not having made an extra effort to go...well, this is the lesson I learnt: NEVER give up the things you want...and, specially, NEVER GIVE UP THE U2!
As I told you, I will write briefly...even because there is not much to comment on the show: it was FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, GREAT! Actually the U2 had two concerts in the Morumbi stadium in Sao Paulo: the first was on February 20th (monday) and the second on the 21st (tuesday). The one I saw on TV was the first, and the one I was supposed to go to was the second.
Well, since the show is simply indescribable, I will send you to some places so that you can have a look at (and die of envy):
1. some minutes of the first show. The video is not very good, but it gives the idea (a very poor one, actually, but better than nothing at all, right?)
2. Bono singing "Elevation". Again, the video quality is not high at all, but it's funny because at the beginning you can hear Bono saying in Portuguese "agora é a nossa vez", which means "Now it's our turn".
3. some photos (39) taken on the two days. Here the quality is pretty good and in the last photo you can see the woman that Bono called up to the stage. He sang "With or Without You" hugging was sweet, but I hate that woman! Can you believe that when she left the stage she KISSED Bono on his lips? And she's not beautiful...and she's married... It should have been me!! (just kidding, of course!)
4. the list of the songs they sang on both days. This is a Brazilian blog, so everything's in Portuguese...but the guy who owns it promises to give a complete feedback on the show as soon as possible.
That's all for now...don't study too much, ok, guys?


Lele said...

So u lost U2..well, who knows, one day you could have a trip in Ireland and visit Bono's house in Dublin! ;)
I'm trying to study less, but it's not so easy..i'd like to have a 36 hours day , 4 doing everything..ehehe, maybe i could have a trip on Mars, i think that there the days are longer..

adry mendes said...

Of course I am going to see the fantastic U2 in Ireland next time! Have you seen the pics? There were 73 thousand people!!
Mars? Well, this could be an option...maybe there it's even colder than here: Belo Horizonte looks like a hell lately! It's so hot...I can't stand it! The green and cool Ireland seems very tempting now...;)

Jane said...

Hellow!I am coming~~~
I don't known leave message here is right or not.
I see your mail just befor,because I can't use computer in my vacation.(You are right,I am in my vacation,but in WINTER vacation.That's fun,right?)And,I will find my free time to right a new meil for you.See you letter.^^

Jane said...

I find a funny thing,so I wright another here.(^^")
I see the time when I leave the message is 4:19PM ,it's Brazil's time,right?Now in Taiwan is 8:21AM,Sun,26 Feb.I am amazing!I never feel what is time lag.When you are in 2/25,I have begining a new day....

Lele said...

Yep i saw the pics,very nice! :) So in BH is hot...well, here in PD we have only raining days lately..they are xfect 4 studing but i hate this weather!It make me angry! Ok i'm going to open my books,i've to study something about Chomsky..i think u know him.. ;)

Alexandre said...

Aw... don't b so sad hun'. We'll have more chances to come! Try to do like me, replace your sadness for anger! Hate the guys who made the tickets so difficult (that's true guys, I now belive that the Holly Graal was more accessible).

By the way "It should have been me!!" we talk 'bout this later.

elisa said...

Oh my god.. fortunately this monday is finish... I hate monday!!!!
The only positive thing of today is that probably I'll be in venezuela for may... or I hope so!
now, I'm studying spanish... y soy mui feliz de mi progreso... pero no sé si progreso es la palabra que se adapta. Espero!Pero es mejor si estudio un poco más...
un beso,

adry mendes said...

WOW! I'm glad...I guess I've never received as many commentaries from so many people! I'm glad you stepped in to see my blog, Jane! And Elisa, I'm glad you found a little time to write me in these very busy days! I really think U2 caught your attention much more than the Rolling Stones...or Jane Austen! Thanx 4 all the comments :)

Lucas Serpa said...

Yeah.....I'm so angry too! I had who bought the tickets, I had where to sleep....but... I couldn't kill one day in work!Terrible....I saw in TV....I recorded and will try to put in DVD...

The show was amazing!!!!
U2 is always amazing!!!!

see you!