Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The White House tour

Yes, that`s right! I`ve been inside the White House!! That is something, isn`t it? Sadly, we couldn`t take any picture, so there is no real evidence that I have been there...but I hope you`ll believe me. A little before going in there, I was thrilled at the idea that I was about to step on the same floor on which the President of the United States steps every day. I had been told by many who visited the House before that I should hold my horses since the tour was not that exciting. As a matter of fact, you just get to see the rooms where some events are held, the library, the room where the First Ladies usually receive their guests, the Christmas tree and the Gingerbread House (actually a mini representation of the White House made out of white chocolate). You don`t get to see the important rooms, like the Oval Office. However, it is still worthwhile...at least to see that the White House is not a castle for the president. It`s a very ig house, no doubt, but it is not huge! As the Americans put it, it is to remind the president that yes, he is important, but he`s still a human and a simple American citizen too.

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