Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Keeping up with my blog turned out to be much more difficult than I expected. Still, I should do a better job because this blog might help me in 2 ways: first, I will improve my English writing (which is not ad since the TOEFL is coming up); second, I will keep all my numerous friends (I`m pretty popular...just kidding...) informed of what is going on in my life (and this would certainly have a good impact on my inbox). Of course, I love sendimng e-mails too and this is pretty much what kept me from writing in my blog (however, there are also plenty of other reasons).
Ok, ok, I`ll try to keep it short. Let`s start from what you guys missed out in my life:
1) Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is certainly one of the yummiest holidays in the US. I spent mine in Pennsylvania, close to Philadelphia, at my host-mom`s relatives` house. Anyway, I actually took part in two Thanksgiving dinners: the first was the weekend before. I went to an International Dinner in a local church, and there I met new very nice people, I learnt a little it about Thanksgiving and I tasted international food (from Africa, Asia, South America, Europe) as well as traditional Thanksgiving food. My second Thanksgiving was a more traditional one, where the family gathered together to have a nice dinner.
Now, let`s talk about Thanksgiving history and tradition. This is an American holiday that is celebrated in order to remember what happened at around 1500 aD, when colonizers from England came to America and met the native people. In this meeting, indians brought a variety of typical food to the colonizers and they all ate together in peace. Till now, Thanksgiving traditional food is related somehow to that day: Americans usually prepare Cranberries and Sweet Potatoes (sometimes with marshmallows), but they also have the famous Turkey with stuffing (the best part!!) and a variety of food with pumpkin, e.g pumpkin pie (yummy).

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