Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or treat?

That`s right!! You know what day is today? Halloween!! And this is my first American Halloween. Since today is Wednesday, many people will not have Halloween parties tonight, but I know much has been going on since last week. I myself lost one party because I was working (too bad), but I got to go to DC101 Halloween rock concert in Chinatown in DC!! Besides the concert, there was also a costume contest. I did not participate to the contest, but I did dress up...can you guys guess what my costume was? You would never imagine...I dressed up as a French Maid! Can you believe it? My host family offered me the costume and kinda made some pressure so that I wore it :) ut that`s not the whole story...I also had to take the metro dressed up as a French maid...and once in DC, I had to walk along downtown streets all dressed up!! I still cant` believe I did something like that. ut it is true, and you can check my picasa web album to see this!! (please, don`t make fun of me!!).
Ok, what else did I do for Halloween? hum...well, at Starbucks I had a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, which is just delicious! I can`t wait to have some more :) Pumpkins are very popular at this time of the year...when you drive along the streets, you can see pumpkins patches everywhere! I went to a pumpkin patch in a farm, which is something families usually do. I went with my family and other au pairs, too. In the farm we could pick up apples and was so fun!! The apples I pick up taste so yummy :) And there were so many pumpkins!!
From what i`ve seen, after picking up a pumpkin at a pumpkin [patch, families put them near the front door until the last day. On Halloween, people usually open and carve their pumpkins in order to get Jack O`lanterns to decorate the house for the trick-or-treaters! I carved two pumpkins today and made my first big Jack O`lantern. When they were ready, we placed them next to our front door and lit a candle in each of them...I think they looked nice :)
Sadly, I couldn`t go trick-or-treating with the family because somebody needed to stay home and offer a treat to the kids that would come. So, I stayed at home...the door bell rang a few times and I gave chocolate candies to scary witches, sweet princesses, fearless spidermen, shy skeletons, horrible monsters, and eager teen-agers. It was the meanwhile, though, I had also to work and clean up the house (not so fun).
I`m happy with my Halloween anyway...even if I didn`t do much, I`m happy my Jack O`lantern is still displaying its scary grin to those that dare aproximate the door hahahahaha!!