Wednesday, December 31, 2008

retrospective 2008

I won't write much today, at the very end of 2008. Just wanted to think of what this year meant to me.
It was a wonderful year. It started in a beautiful beach house in Bethany Beach, Delaware, US. It continued with a South Beach Diet with Ellie and with my going to the gym and putting a lot of effort in losing weight at the YMCA in Bethesda. I was once again frustrated in my studies (I guess it's just part of the game and I finally got this) of American Literature and American History. I was doing ok in my English classes and took my first English certificate (TOEFL). I went to Disneyworld, to Maine, to Boston, to Philadelphia. I met people from all around the world (Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Colombia, Argentina, Germany, France, Russia, Moldova, Poland). I decided to study in England and live life more adventurously. I went to London and met Professors. I had good meetings, but wasn't sure it was what I really wanted. I went back to Italy, a place that I knew I didn't want to live in. I came back to Brazil. It's time to get my life moving, to go somewhere, but not physically, I need to move on with my own life. I still wanna go to places, wanna travel, wanna go abroad. But maybe I would take more advantage of the experience if I first get my life together, focus on what I really want to do...
So, 2008 was a great year, full of great experiences on the one hand. Still, I felt I wasn't really in charge of my life. I lost focus on what I wanted to do. I valued other people's opinions more than my own. And I got lost. For 2009 I plan to be in charge of my life. And follow my heart. Stop feeling sad, envious, angry. I wanna be more active. I wanna make my own choices.