Monday, December 24, 2007

NYC at Christmas time

This week-end I spent one day at NYC. Since I`ve been there in August, I`ve dreamt of coming back...Of course, I love Washington DC, it`s a great place to be, but NY is sort of a mythical city, don`t you think!! Well, this time I got to see it at Christmas time and for a little more than a couples of hours! I went there with two friendson Friday night on a us leaving from Chinatown. Once we got there, my friends and I went straight to the hostel, in fron of West Central Park, and we got some sleep. On Saturday we woke up early and we started walking around in the city. First thing, we saw Central Park, of course. Then, we decided to go to Rockafeller Center to see the ice-skaters and the famous Christmas tree. From the Rockafeller Center, we walked the 5th avenue to go to Broadway and Times Square, where we tried to find some shelter from the cold in fantastic stores such as the m&m`s and Hershey. Soon after lunch, we decided to go up on the Empire State Building, and then we ended up our trip on Madison square.
It was thrilling to go around NYC, take the metro see so many places we usually get to see only in the movies!! I really loved the city...

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Silvia said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!^^
(un pò in ritardo...)