Thursday, December 29, 2005

San Francisco

This is going to be a very special post...or maybe, a post to a very special,no, let me rephrase: this post goes to a good imaginary reader...the one that is usually real, but that I can contact only virtually for the next months: Raphaella! Well, this is just to show you I don't think you're fiction at all...even though, sometimes...just kidding!
So, Raphaella is now working in San Francisco and...I envy her a lot! I wanted to be there, doesn't need to be San Francisco, but somewhere in the US. Who doesn't dream of going there some day, right? Well, I must admit that my favourite destinations would be New Jersey, Michigan, New York and those states near there ...but I'd also love to go to Seattle! Raphaella, now that you work there and you're paid in dollars ($$$$), don't you want to buy my ticket? hehehe
Ok, this was just to say: Raphaella, take lots, lots, lots of pictures, ok? And keep visiting my blog...^.^

Now, a question to my other imaginary reader(s): if you could choose, what state would you like to visit in the US? why?


Lele said...

Well,ce ne sarebbero un po' ke vorrei se vogliamo fare una classifica..primo il Colorado!Pieno di boschi e di verde,nonchè terra di Everwood..poi il Michigan,dove abitano le GG..e ovviamente il Texas,"Odissey, qui Houston,mi sentite?"..eheh!
Cmq avendo i soldi, un bel coast to coast nn ci starebbe ;P

adry mendes said...

C'mon! We're talking of US and u write in Italian! ^.^ Just kidding! Texas? Well, I wouldn't like to visit Texas...I won't say anything about politics here 'cause I don't wanna hurt anybody's feelings, but political reasons are involved in this decision.
Completely agrre with you, though: with a lot of $$$$$$ a coast to coast would be great! ^.^

Lele said...

Doh! Sorry, in the previous posts i used to write in Italian, and so i forgot that we were talking about uncle Sam, ehhehe!
Ok ok, so u don't like Texas..well, i think we could replace it with Florida (land of my cousin, Horatio Caine..) or Illinois (Chigaco,great city! Dean comes from Chicago, u know? And E.R. hospital is there..;P )

Mauri said...

...and why not Louisiana, playing the banjo ?? ? ?

elisa said...

buon anno adry ^__^

ps. in my opinion, new york could be a good place to visit... but not for a long time... it would become too much noisy and crowded... above all stressfull!!!
my god... I had nearly forgotten English... I hope that my english is still good!
happy new year!!!!

Alexandre said...

Dude! I just wish I could go there! Any gueto would be fine! Well... maybe a gueto in the north pert of US... far from all those rangers and deserts... maybe a gueto in Seatlte... you know, just to see the capital of the grunge and then... well, a gueto LA would be accetable too... just for a few days 'cause of The Doors... yeah, another cool gueto would be in Wisconsin just to yell "hello Wisconsin!!"... hangin' out... down the street... the same old thing... we did last week... yeah... cool sitcom... and NY would be funny... to have a coffe in a coffe next to the Central Park, maybe share a place in the Village... well, as I said before, any gueto would be ok...