Friday, February 16, 2007

One more step

Hi guys!!
I told ya I would write back soon...see?
This time I'll tell you about my trip to the USA. No, no...I haven't travelled there...yet! I'm just planning to spend a year there as an au-pair. Will it be worthwhile? Will it be easy? Will it be expensive? Will it be useful? Believe me...I keep asking the same questions to myself over and over again. Truth is I really don't know any answers! =/
This scares me a bit...but, in spite of all this insecurity, I'm still managing to take some steps towards my trip...First, I'm starting to get some experience with kids in the Kindergarten I'm working at (remember my last post?). This is one of the requirements for working as an au pair in the US.
Today I took another big step: I got my new least, I required my new passport. It will actually be ready only on the 26th...what takes them so long to get it done? I really have no ideas...I only know that the line to get it is just terribly awful!! I arrived there at 8:45 am and I managed to get out of the "PolĂ­cia Federal" at around 11:00 am!
Well..that's it!! I just wanted to share this step with you...Ah! About my wisdom teeth I really don't know anything yet...I just know I will have to take them off!! Sigh!! Will this mean my wisdom will be taken off from me too? Shoo...!

See these passports? It seems the light blue one will be the new Brazilian passport...and it will be much more expensive than the current one! This is so unfair...just because you're travelling, this doesn't mean you have all this money to give the government!!

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Emmanuele said...

Well, so u are preparing for the "big flight" how could say our common friend Jack! ;) Are u going to Pennsylvania like Aidi?
I know the long road 4 obtaining the passport! Here's the same thing, with the new laws against terrorism, u must wait a lot and pay a lot too! The good thing is the duration:10 years.
Ok...good luck 4 all the things that u have to do...and i wish u all the best 4 the big flight!