Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Being a bad student

Yes, I'm being a bad student. Since this is something that doesn't happen very often, I wanted to share my feeling with you guys (I seem to have more than one reader, now). I anticipate this post will not be a long one, so don't worry.

Well, everything started a couple of weeks ago, when I had a class and my teacher gave us homework, which I diligently wrote on my notebook with my heart filled with good intentions (I'm reading Jane Eyre...can you tell?). When I came home, I found out I wouldn't be able to go to my next class, so during the week, instead of working hard on my homework trying to make it up for not going to the class, I just relaxed and did nothing. I know: bad, bad, bad!! What kind of example am I setting for my host-kids?

When I missed the class, something inside (conscience?) started to feel bad, and I decided that the very least I could do was to send an e-mail to my teacher and ask him what happened in the class I missed and what would be the next homework. However, I knew the teacher sometimes would send us a reminder of the homework anyway by e-mail...I decided to wait. When I finally realized the e-mail wouldn't come, it was Friday already, the day before the class. Therefore, I just gave up sending any e-mails.

If you think this is irresponsible, wait to see more! I did know I hadn't done the homework for the previous class, and I did know I had copied it down on my copybook...but on Friday evening I was feeling so tired I just went straight to bed. I did not even open my notebook. Saturday, when I finally went to class, I found out a terrible thing: I have so many things to hand in to my teacher! And all of these things will be evaluated and will grant me a good (or bad) grade.

So, don't behave as I do! Be good students/workers! Don't be irresponsible! And reproach me when I am behaving irresponsibly!! I should go to my TOEFL mini-tests...

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Rômulo said...


Achei legal o seu desabafo. :) Acho que eu já te falei isso algumas vezes... :) acho muito muito muito difícil você ser irresponsável! E se alguém achar isso... acho que essa pessoa deve estar precisando de óculos :P ou então de rever seus conceitos. Porque você é e sempre foi muito responsável!! Não se preocupe. Alias... não se cobre demais por isso. Não vale a pena. Voce está realmente fazendo o máximo e todos nós que gostamos de você, sabemos disso. Com relação às meninas que você está cuidando... acho que elas são muito novas para perceberem isso... :):) então.. take it easy! :):)

t Rômulo.