Sunday, January 22, 2006


Ok, I won't apologize for my terrible delay this time, otherwise all my posts will look exactly the same. And I don't think this will be nice, will it? I spent the last 15 days in a quite chaotic situation here at home, but let's not talk about it otherwise I'll get upset, or even angry. Nope, this won't happen, we won't think about it: I finally have a few minutes for myself and I have to use them wisely ^.^
Let's talk about movies!! Yuppieeee! This is one of my favorite topics...this doesn't mean I'm always at cinema or always watching movies or that I remember all the movies I've seen or all the actors I like (faaaaaar from it, actually ^.^)...I wish my memory was better, but sadly I was born this way...=/
Well, anyways, yesterday, after ages of abstinence, I finally went to the movie theater again and it was to see an awesome movie with an awesome actor, whose name, by the way, I DO remeber: how could I forget the name of Jim Carrey? My memeory is bad, but not THAT BAD! ^.^ The movie was Fun with Dick and Jane (click to watch the trailer) and it was so funny and quite insightful...well, I mean, it's funny but not silly! It really has a point and it is not a ridiculous one: it is about losing your job and looking for another one. Well, maybe I'm just a little sensitive to the subject because, in spite of not having lost any jobs yet, I'm having a hard time in finding one! Well, you know, you always listen to people saying that it's hard finding a job, but if you're NOT looking for one, you don't really care about it, do you? I mean, I knew it was hard, but just now I'm actually realizing HOW hard it is. I'm not saying you should watch the movie with this kind of spirit: c'mon, it's a commedy, it's for you to laugh! But, after you have laughed a lot, you still have something to think over...this, in my opinion, is what made this movie worthy to be seen (and, sigh!, payed for).
After all this free advertisement of Jim Carrey's movie (sonypicture should pay me for that...this is just the job I was looking for ^.^), let's have a look at the other films that are coming out here in Brazil and that seem quite good (and by that I mean I'm planning to watch them).
2. Oliver Twist by Roman Polansky (the same director of "The Pianist"). I don't know about the movie, but I LOVED the book
3. The Producers, which seems to be quite funny, good cast, quite metaliterary (or something like that) and a good chance to practice my German listening skills!
4. Jarhead, by Sam Mendes (the same director of "American Beauty"). I don't like war films, but this one...the trailer is just great and I really feel like watching it. Besides, "American Beauty" is one of my favorite movies...
5. Ae Fond Kiss, European movies are known to be particularly deep and full of xxx scenes (^.^). Well, this movie seems to be interesting anyways, and I'd really like to watch it. It's being released here only now, but it was released as a dvd in Europe in 2005...European movies always get here in Brazil ages after its releasing everywhere else...

Ok, readers...I hope you haven't given up on me, in spite of not proving myself very constant on my posts lately. So, if you are still following me, please comment on the movies I suggested (you can watch the trailer by clicking on the title) or suggest some others for me (and others) to watch, ok?

PS. Elisa, my mail address is still the hotmail one. Please, send me an e-mail so that I can contact you again, ok?


Lele said...

I can't believe that you didn't go to the cinema 4 so long time..hehehe..well,i must admit i'm not a good "cinefilo"..say better..i try to be a good one, but events are against me! The movies i like, are not the favourite of my friends..and i don't like to go alone..and lately i've no time..i think u know what i mean..;)

adry mendes said...

Events are against you?? ^.^ that's a good way to put should open more space to movies in your life anyways...I think you'd be more relaxed :) Besides, you can bring some chicks at movies and...who knows? It might work...^.^

adry mendes said...

Just found out I won't be able to watch "Ae Fond Kiss". Has anybody watched it? Is it good?
Yes, I'm posting comments on my own posts...I feel happier when I have lost of comments...and since nobody's writing them, well, somebody has to do it, right?