Monday, June 19, 2006

Germany 2006

It' s been ages, I know!! I feel terrible about it: I mean, when I was writing frequently, a few people read my that I don't write anything, I guess no one will ever have a look at this blog any more!! Anyway, I'm an optimistic spirit - at least sometimes - and I decided to share with you the emotion of this World Cup. So far, I haven't decided exactly what team I am going to support: Italy? Brazil? Japan? Croatia? Austalia? In Italy we have the handsome Cannavaro, in Brazil there's Kakà, in Japan there are all these little cute Japanese, in Croatia there are the Kovac - Robert and Niko - and in Australia there's Kewell.
Finally, I'm starting to see soccer from a new perspective - a much more girlish and interesting one. Before, I used to be interested only in the results: who won was everything that mattered! Who wants to waste time watching a 90 minute match with 22 men trying to catch the ball? Well, the ball is still as unintresting as it was before...but some of the men really catch our attention, don't they? Especially this trend of exchanging the t-shirt uniform at the end of the match...very, very interesting indeed! =P
Ok, my time is running out...I need to catch some sleep...
Who will win the Cup? What do you think?


Silvia said...

it's simple! Italy will win the Cup =P
Sorry for my bad english ^__^"
a big hello from Italy

Alexandre said...

I'm soooooo sorry! I love Italy too, Adry knows that, but this time I can't see much future for Italy, unfortunately... I'd love to see a final match with Brazil and Italy... but, who knows! I only know that Germany is running over everybody and Italy didn't show good results. Even Brazil is pleasing me... well well well, bla bla bla... Hope Argentina kicks Germany out, the Italy Kicks Argentina out... only that for now...

elisa said...

alexandre... i`m so sorry for brazil... but italy is going to play tuesday so.... go italy!!!!

adry mendes said...

Will Italy win the cup and become "tetra", dangerously approaching Brazil in the ranking?
Well...I really hope so, but it's too soon to tell...let's see what happens today at 16:00!!
Now that Brazil was - shamefully -
kicked out of the cup, Italy is definitely my favorite team...still, I have hopes for Portugal...after all Portuguese football players are pretty handsome...aren't they?