Tuesday, July 04, 2006

In Italy we trust...in Brazil not any more...

Here I am again...Time is something we never find...at least, not as much as we want, but I had to make some efforts in order to write about Brazil (sad news come first) and Italy (the good news).
Ok, about Brazil there's not much to say...there's just a lot to be angry about! What the he** was that? Do they call it a game? For most Bazilians it was just a shame...a shame for the team, a shame for what they call the best players in the world, a shame for everybody who trusted in the HEXA (and I can tell you a lot of people wanted it badly)...Well, I just think the players should think more of the support they get from the people than of the money they get from the brands they wear...not to say the illegal money they may have gotten to lose the game that way...Ok, nobody can prove anything, so let's just drop it and think of the good news...ITALY!!
I must say it was quite a surprise for me: Italy in the finals? Well, evrybody must agree with me that Italy didn't show any excellent performance in its first matches...who would have ever thought it would go so far?
Well...let's see what happens tomorrow between Portugal and France...hope Portugal wins, because France...well, I don't like it!
And for the finals, I can just say I'm starting to trust Italy again!! As Elisa said: Go Italy!!!

picture taken from www.corriere.it


elisa said...

yeahhh!!!!! go italy go!!! we are against france... well, we'll win!
ps. I don't like France!

Lele said...

I don't like France too!! Our "TransAlpes" cousins? I've no cousins! ;)
Well, tomorrow we'll see...i think that thousands of people will go to see the match in Prato..i'll be one of them! :)
Forza Azzurri!