Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wonderful city, real vacations: cosa voglio di + dalla vita?

Again, I'll be brief! I know, I know: it seems the only thing I can write about lately: my lack of time! If it's getting annoying for you who are reading...well, you can't imagine how stressful this has been for me! Anyway, let's talk of good things: I spent the last week end at Rio de Janeiro and i loved it! Well, first of all I had the chance to run away from my work (thank God! I really needed a few time off), then I had the chance to really see [part of] the most famous Brazilian city, I got to meet an old friend of mine, I had the possibility to train my spoken English with a German couple and some Americans and English and I traveled by ferryboat ;P Nice, ain't it?
Well, I can only say that everybody should visit Rio: it's a great city with a nice atmosphere...
Actually, I didn't actually see the "touristc Rio": I had access to another angle of the city, as you can see from the unusual pic of the famous Sugar don't find this kind of pics on postcards!
Well, that's it: thanx Elisa for the trip, thanx Alex for coming with me, thanx to technology for the photos and thanx Rio for being not too far from here!
That's it!
cheers :)
Hope you can take advantage of you holidays much more than I can...

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elisa said...

alex... have you seen??? adry loves rio!!!!! thanks to you, for the very nice time that we passed together!