Saturday, September 23, 2006

"The New"

Hello guys!!
Again, it's been ages since I last wrote in my blog...sigh!! Those vacations in Rio seem so far away now! What am I doing at present? A lot of things, mainly related to work and university...nothing related to relax and vacations, sadly. Actually, I think I'm going through a very strange phase: everything is so new, and new things come up to me all the time! Sometimes I think I'm being bombed by all this new feels good, anyway...I'm feeling more..."alive", I guess.
Well, I'm here mainly to tell you about my new experience: working in a REAL SCHOOl. I'm not saying that so far I have worked in fiction-schools or imaginary school (guys, you know me: i don't smoke pop! Not THAT much...just kidding...for those who don't know me very well: I really don't smoke it!I swear!)...the fact is that I have always worked in langage-schools and now, for the first time, I'm teaching Italian and Italian Literature at "Fundação Torino", a bilingual school in Belo Horizonte. The experience is just amazing! Actually, I got very frustrated at the beginning because everything was so new and my years at high-school seemed so far away ( be completely honest, my years at high-school really are just a far remembrance) and I was only thinking: "My God! I'm not gonna make it! What will I do? I'm asked to teach something I never taught - or even studied, at times - and I'm asked to handle 25 excited students who want to learn anything but Italian literature". Then I realized I was being a little pessimistic: in fact, much of what i'm teaching is a little "new" to me, but I do have materials I can go back to and rely on; students are not always interested, but they are not completely alienated from the subject either; the other teachers...well, I'm dealing pretty well with those I got to know better. The worst part? Definitely it's lunch! For vegetarians like me it's always difficult to eat well at these "self-service", I guess I cant complain that much.
The only problem is that now I really don't have much time...i practically don't have free-time...just now I wanted to share a bit of my experience with you because it's being a huge change in my life with a bunch of new perspectives on teaching, school, education, etc at every-second...sometimes I feel overloaded with input I can't actually, i listen to "all of my love" by Led Zeppelin...this song is doing miracles for my anxiety! You should listen to it: I'm sure you'll love it too!
Ok, that's it...need to go back to work!!
Hope it won't take that long to come back :)


Lele said...

My was so long time that i didn't see your u are working hard now..well, i must say, you're working harder, than before!
There's nothing to're becoming a business woman, busy all the time and completely dedicated to work..nice nice...i think you couldn't say nothing to the "so busy" engineers now..i have more free time than u! ;p
Just kidding..i hope that u will find some time to me,my monography is killing my brain! But it's so interesting! Google has no secret 4 me now...hehhe! C ya soon!

elisa said...

yeah! a real school! ^__^ I'm very happy for you!
adry... I'm sick... I miss Brazil so much.. :(

adry mendes said...

just come back!! You tell Manuel: "let's have a great trip to Brazil" and you come around to spend your X-mas holidays hear...que tal? I bet he'll love it!!