Saturday, March 17, 2007

But there's still hope ...

Hello guys!! Finally, after a couple of sad posts that really didn't do any good to anybody, I'm here, recovered of all strengths and positiveness! Why? Well...first of all, I'm starting to work again..I'm not planning to get crazy again as last year, but I will start working quite hard. Working is also a great therapy for every moment you're feeling down. Maybe it restricts you as a don't get to think too much and you might loose a little perspective and reflection upon life and the way you're livin' it. However, I still believe it's worth working a bit hard and forget a lot of problems! Besides, when you work, you earn money, and when you earn money you can buy stuff and try to feel better. I hate sounding this consumist, but I have to admit shopping is a therapy, too.
However, work is not the only cause for all my positiveness. As you must have realized from my posts (the most recent ones, but also some older ones), I am a huge fan of The Smashing Pumpkins! I really enjoy them quite a lot and they are my best companions for the most difficult times. Well, in 2000 they just split up and it was quite sad...
But now, they're back again!! They'll release their new album, Zeitgeist, on July 7th! That means, in a few months! This is just great news, isn't it?
Well...maybe you are not as great fans of the Smashing Pumpkins as I am...or maybe you just don't know them very well. I just suggest to have a look at this blog, by an user who is also a huge fan of the band! There you'll find some youtube videos on Smashing Pumpkins and some other useful links...
Here are the videoclips of my favorite songs, if you just wanna check them out! You're gonna love 'em!! :)

Tonight, tonight
Bullet with butterfly wings
Stand inside your love

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