Tuesday, May 22, 2007


It's been ages since my last post...as usual!! Will I ever be a good blogger?! This time it's not only my fault, though! I started another blog, an italian one, and it kept me a little busy...here goes the link, if you feel like visiting it!
Well, actually, I'm not in my best mood today for two reasons: first, Alexandre, my boyfriend, has left. He's in Dallas - Texas - now and it seems he's enjoying it very much!! I really hope he'll make the most out of this experience, but truth is I miss him very much!
He took some pictures already and he already started the hard work...I think it'll be a great experience for him :)
I decided to find out a little bit more about
"Dallas, the City that Works:
Diverse, Vibrant and Progressive."(this is the slogan of city as it appears in the city hall homepage). Well, it is the third biggest city in Texas and the 9th in the United States!! It seems to benefit from a great reputation...
It seems also to be considered beautiful from the natural point-of-view: in the area there are 17 lakes. Alexandre's living nearby one, and here we can see a photo of another one:

The second reason why I am not feeling good is that I got a terrible flu these days. I'm still feeling a little weak... I hate being sick!!
Well...gotta go!! I have loads of work to do!!

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