Sunday, October 16, 2005

Anime Festival

...I almost forgot!! I was there speaking of "interculturalism" and Japan and I remembered that this weekend there is the Anime Festival here in Belo Horizonte. I went there yesterday: it was very good. Sadly, it was a bit expensive so I couldn't buy everything I wanted. There were plenty of Manga there and I bought three (Sakura Card's Captor, of course!), but I wish I could have bought some Slayer manga too...and Slam Dunk... and Peach Girl! Yeah, ok, you can see I'm a big fan of mangas and comics in general...
Ok, for those who can, go and check it up! There is also a "Pump it up" tournament...


MaurITA said...

Whaaaaat? ? ?
there was an anime festival in BH & you don't tell me anything ?!?!?!?
That's a big bad thing :(
however, compliments for your blog! i've not read it all (now i'm in university & i must go to lession) but when i've a bit of time.... the problem is WHEN!!!!
Sorry for my English :)

Fantakisses ! !

adry mendes said...

Sorry about that! Only an anime festival to get you interested in visiting Belo Horizonte, huh? You are just unbelievable!
Thanks for your comment, anyway...I hope you'll find time to read more on my GREAT blog!
You are a smart boy: you don't need to study that much!
Your English is simply great! Don't play the modest! :D