Sunday, October 16, 2005


Today I decided to post something because next week it will be hard for me to access the blog. Hum...I didn't think on what to write, but, since a friend of mine seemed interested in the ibunka project, I'm gonna talk more about this experience. Ibunka is a Japanese word and means "different cultures". Actually, this project is intended for university professors, because to participate you need to have a classroom... Well, so, if your teacher decides to participate, what happens is that you have some tasks to do, like talking about university in your country, talk about culture, news, everything that is actually related to you. There are no tough tasks that require a great deal of research.
After you post your task, you should also have a look at what the other people posted about themselves and their countries and reply to them, ask questions...know the other people! The idea is to "enlarge our horizons", I think...well, in this globalization era things such as boundaries and prejudice between countries and cultures shouldn't exist any more, so I think this project is "tudo de bom" :) (very, very good!). I learnt a lot about Japan (and Japanese food) and Taiwan, but I also wish to make contact with Mexican people.
I think this experience is great! I tried to do something similar with my students (;)) this semester, and I hope they'll like it as much as I do...=D
Well, in short, the experience is great and worthwhile, so, if you are interested, go and tell your teacher!
see ya!

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