Saturday, October 15, 2005

Here I am again to talk a lttle bit more about my blog. Yes, because, as I told you, this blog wasn't my idea, and I wouldn't have made it if it weren't for my professor Vera Menezes, who asked us to. But, of course, I bet many of you are wondering what a subject makes you create a blog! Well, I must say this is quite an unusual course and it's one of my favourite this semester. It's an online subject - which is good because we can "attend" classes from home, relaxed in confortable clothes, drinking an iced drink and sitting on a comfortable chair (we don't have such a thing as comfortable chairs at university). But, there's also the other side of the coin - the not so positive one. First, we have to learn dealing with Pc's, and I think many will agree that sometimes it's not easy at all. I have already lost hours of work...but now I learnt the lesson: no matter how you enjoy the task, you CAN'T forget reality, i.e. computers lose your work sometimes! So keep saving your work minute after minute! It's the only way to prevent you from having bad experiences and traumas. Well, I depicted this side as a "not-so-positive-one", but I think I might be mistaken. The reality is that nowadays we need computers more and more, and we have to learn how use them in order to become better professionals. My area is teaching, and it's amazing how much help, ideas, support and information you can take from the internet. This course is helping me to overcome my fears against technology, and I must admit that now I'm even enjoying working with my PC a lot! I can't spend one day without checking my inbox.
Ok, now don't think that these tasks we have are all easy ones. They require a great deal of patience, interest, creativity and time! It's good doing them, learning new and different things, make contact with different cultures...but it's not easy! Of course, this is not so bad also, because, in my opinion, if you don't make any efforts to get something, you will probably never REALLY get it! You only give value to things you struggle for...don't you think?
Some of the tasks we had in this subject were: learning how to use computer engines properly, learning how to search the internet for cliparts, researching about hyperlink and netiquette, writing a narrative about our English learning, preparing a classroom activity exploring language functions...well, these are the ones I liked the best. I also love the project we are engaging on: IBUNKA, that is an intercultural exchange of ideas, culture and general information between student of different university from several countries (Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Namibia). I will write more information about it in my next posts. For now, that's it!! bye!!


Lucas Serpa said...

I'm so proud of you!!!!
Now you know everything about internet, cliparts on the web, blogs!!!!! Ho knows if this is our sixth coincidence?????rsrsrsrs

Your blog looks so good...and your's amazing!!!

And the Smashing Pumpkins fans...this girl knows every little thing about they!!!!

See ya!!!!

adry mendes said...

So you did post a comment in my blog! And you did read everything!:)You are such a great guy!
Well, I must admit that you are one of the people that made me want to know more about computers. When you told me about your job (and, in spite of working a lot, you still seem to like it ;P) I said to myself "well, if he likes technology so much and he is such a good guy, and such a good student, this technology thing mustn't be that horrible!"
And so here I am...always surfing the net!
So, yes, I think this could certainly be our 6th coincidence! =D
Thanks for the comment and for helping me with my tasks ;P!
Hope we'll find more items for our list...=D

kawaii aishiteru said...

mina spaghetti,

you go! shine, shine, shine!