Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A cappella

Today I had a very interesting insight into American culture, as my host-mom said. Ellie, my host mom, studied at Tufts University, MA, and as an alumna (alumni?) she was asked to host an event for her University. The event consisted in hosting a performance of the Tufts female a cappella group. The group is composed by young pretty girls with beautiful voice and very enthusiastic with their group as well as their studies.

I`ve never seen an a cappella performance efore and I have to say these girls were very good. Having an awful voice and being completely out-of-tune, I have to say that anything that has to do with getting a few notes together and making it sound pleasant is for me a real accomplishment. Seeing these girls singing, and providing the musical background, smiling and performing a sort of choreography in front of all those people - and kids - was for me really amazing.

The name of this a cappella group is Jackson Jills, it exists since 1963, but all its memebers are college freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. This meaning they`re all very young, some with a clear idea of what they want to do/be, some others with no clue.

What really impressed me was when they decided to make a brief presentation of themselves, telling us about their origins and purposes in life (mostly,, their academic life). While I was listening to them, I suddenly felt so old. Actually, it has been only a few years that I was a freshman myself, but it feels ages ago. I don`t know exactly what shapes you, if it`s age, work, experience, college, study, reading, I really have no idea. Whatever the answer be, it sure does feel strange.

This female a cappella group also reminded of my brother (and not because of the beautiful young girls) and one of his favorite groups: Rockapella (see video). As far as I know, the Rockapella got started exactly the same way as the Jackson Jills did.

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