Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let go - Frou Frou

Today I found out a song I like very much, and I decided to post it on my blog. As I've mentioned more than once, I have no idea whether anybody really reads my blog, and, actually, I have to say I`m pretty sure that I am the only reader of about 99% of my posts. In fact, I believe it wouldn't make any difference if I wrote very personal and intimate things in here, instead of sitting on general topics (which is what I have been trying to do). However, I have to bear in mind the purposes that generated this blog and have kept it alive so far: improving my written English (in an informal way). And I think that the blog has done (and, hopefully, will keep doing) its job. No complains about that.

As always, it took me a while to get my point through. In short, what I wanted to say is that posting this song here in my blog won`t probably help anybody and, most certainly, it won`t get the song well-known among those I know. Still, it will help me finding a topic to write about today and will also be a record of the song and what I found out about it.

The name of the song is "Let Go", and I got to listen to an a-cappella re-make of it by the Jackson Jills. Searching the web, it wasn't difficult to find out that the song was first sung (and written) by the British electronica duet known as Frou Frou. The duet was composed by the singer Imogen Heap and the player/producer Guy Sigsworth (this guy worked with Bjork, among others), who launched only one CD together, Details in 2002.

The song attracted Zach Braff's attention, so much so that he decided to have it in the soundtrack for his movie, Garden State. Eventually, the movie got an award for best soundtrack, which shows us that both the song and Braff`s taste are worth to be taken into a certain account.

Well, I really liked the song, I hope some others might like it too. Tomorroq i`ll talk more about movies...

PS. The name of the duet, "frou frou", comes from the onomatopoeic sound for dancers` skirts moving and touching in French. Cool, huh?


Emmanuele said...

Don't're not the only one reader of you u can see...ehhehe.. ;)

Well, if u write a blog 4 improving ur English i think i'd write an enciclopedia for improving mine :/..or probably i should take an holiday out of Italy for about 6 months..any suggestion for the place where i should go? :)

I didn't know the meaning of the name "frou frou"..i thought it was something like a cry of an animal! :-O

Anonymous said...

Nice writeup! So there, someone else did read your blog. It is all a matter of keywords. In this case, Frou Fou :)

adriana mendes said...

thanks :)