Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring is in the air

Finally, the first day of spring. As Ellie always says: I was ready. Usually I don`t mind winter and its cold...but the short days make life really seem short and useless. Now we have daylight up to 7:30 pm...isn`t it great?

Besides the days eing longer and sunnier, I really don`t see that big difference. Some flowers are coming out, but they still seem very shy and very few. The weather is nice, but still cold, most of the days. Moreover, the wind seems to get stronger and stronger...which, for me, means it`s getting worse and worse. I hate windy messes up my hair :P

Also, being spring, I noticed most of the school institution are closed because of spring break: universities are closed, high-schools, primary schools, kindergardens, pre-schools... I'm not sure why they have this spring break, though...

Well, anyway, with spring we have flowers blooming...and in DC we are going to have the cherry blossom festival soon :) Everybody told me it is just beautiful. I can`t wait to go to DC and see the "sakura" they have there :)

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