Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Impotence of Proofreading By Taylor Mali

Ah-ha!!! I told you I would be able to stick to my purpose of writing a little bit every day. Well, this is my second day. I hope I`ll keep doing a good job.
Today i want to share something that my teacher, Mr. Mark, presented to me. Actually, it didn`t happen exactly like that: the teacher just gave us the link to his blog, and while I was checking it out, I found out this hilarious video on the importance of proofreading. I had to watch it a couple of times before I really got most of the jokes (reading the written version might help), but I have to say it is really funny.
About this video, there were only two points I wanted to make: firstly, the problem of spelling in a foreign language, and second, the poetry slam.
In terms of spelling, I must say I myself don`t seem to have a lot of troubles. I do make mistakes, of course, specially if we consider that English has a very "peculiar" correspondence between written language and the spoken one. What happens most of the times is that I cannot correctly spell those words that I have never seen written before. Actually, for me to really learn a word, I need to see it written down. If I don`t see it, I can still repeat it but it will soon be forgotten. I believe that this "learning style" of mine in addition to my effort in reading as much English as I can helped me a lot with my spelling. (However, I apologize for my frequent typing mistakes...)
Clicking on the links Mr. Mark suggested in his post, I found out about this "new" kind of artform (as Mali defines it) called poetry slam. It started in the `80s in Chicago and it cannot really be considered as a new genre of poetry. However, all of those poems that you can "get" by reading them once can fit into the definition of poetry slams. Mali, a famous teacher (he taught English, but also Maths and SAT and is fervent defendant of his profession), seems to be one of greatest exponent of this "artform". He, as well as his poet colleagues, once in a while perform in some new yorker bars where everybody could go to see them and have a pleasant and funny evening.
Check out some videos on youtube!

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Alexandre said...

Hahahaha I loved it! And the best thing is I could identify myself with the text AND the writer! Now I'm... you know, I'm going to work on my spelling =)