Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shamrock Festival

It looks like everybody`s very into Ireland lately, and not only because many of the people I know moved to the green island. In fact now it`s time to celebrate St Patrick`s Day. In spite of not being Irish, and not even Catholic really, I still did my part to celebrate this important Irish holiday.

Yesterday I went to an event at the RFK stadium (the same of my first baseball game) in DC: the Shamrock Festival. For the Brazilians, I would say it`s a sort of Pop Rock. For the Italians, I would compare it to Festivalbar (but bigger).

In general, I had a lot of fun. I got to listen to "Irish rock", which, I found out, I like very much :) Only, I was a little bit too tired. In fact, my day started early on Saturday as I had to wake up at 6:15 am to go to my TOEFL class. As soon as the class ended, I took the metro and went to the festival with my friend from Indonesia, Isia. In the metro, we already started feeling a little misplaced: everybody was wearing green t-shirts, green sweaters, green make-up, green head-bands, antennae, shamrock sunglasses, etc. My friend and I were dressed in regular clothes, instead. When we got to the festival, we bought a green St Patrick`s necklace, so that we wouldn`t feel so misplaced any more. We also hung around a little bit, met some friends, listened to some music. When Ania and Adam came, we also got some beer (just Guinness, sigh :( ) and we took a whole lot of pictures together. After a while, Isia left and we hung around for a little bit more. We listened to some more rock groups, and finally we left.

The way back in the metro was also exciting: green people filled in the wagons of every train, and populated every metro station. By the time I got off the metro, though, I couldn`t see any more green people and the last part of the trip was a little lonely. To cheer me up I bought a Mc Donald`s apple pie :)

Back to St Patrick`s Day, there are a few things I think are interesting:
  • "Shamrock" is an English word, true, but it comes from the Irish and it means "clover"
  • St. Patrick`s Day is actually on March 17th (although people seem to celebrate it only during the weekend)
  • Irish rock is also known as Celtic rock (correct me if I`m wrong). Researching on the internet I found a quite famous band and I loved listening to it. The name of the band is "Wolfstone" and some of their vieos are availale on youtube or on their official website. I wonder whether the Italian rock band "Modena City Ramblers" could also fit in the Celtic Rock category; listen to this

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