Wednesday, March 05, 2008

sports and gym

Well, today I`m here to talk a little bit more about what i`m doing in my American every-day life. Since I came here, six months ago (can you believe it?) I`ve been putting on a lot of weight. At the beginning I just complained a little bit, then I started getting pretty upset, then my clothes started to get tight and now I`m finally ready to take things under control.
In order to lose weight, at the beginning of january I went on a diet, the South Beach one, that really worked very well while I was strictly following it. After a couple of weeks, though, I started giving up and my weight came back. That`s when I started to really think seriously about a gym. I looked around and talked to some friends...I found out I could apply for financial aid at the YMCA, and so I did. I got a nice discount, and now there I am, almost every morning, trying to burn some calories. Besides the improvement Imight have in my attle against weight and fat, I also think some exercise will be good for my heath, and specially for my mood. When I go to the gym and run or lift weights I think I am getting rid of the stress i accumulate during the days I spend at home. This makes me feel much more optimistic and happier about my experience in here.
Bottomline: exercise and be happy :)


Emmanuele said...

I agree with you! Since i finished to go to the dojo i'm putting on i bought the "magic carpet" for running..even if i think i must stop to eat pizza and piadina with beer all the evenings if i want to help myself to reach the target.. ;)

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