Saturday, March 15, 2008 with it or rely on it?

I know, I`s been 2 days that I haven`t been writing anything on my log. This wouldn`t be a surprise a couple of weeks ago, but I guess now it means I`m not being a very good student since I`m not doing my daily homework. What is even worse, though, is that I`m not exercising my writing and I`m missing chances to gain in fluency. Anyways, I guess I`m pretty good at rambling things on...look at that: one paragraph and I didn`t even get started!! Just for you to know, I didn`t post anything these last days not, as you probably may think, because I was lazy, but because I had problems with the computer and the internet connection. I love this wi-fi you get practically everywhere here in the US, but when it decides it doesn`t want to work, it just doesn`t. For two days I couldn`t even get my e-mails done... Ok, maybe I`m overreacting: it`s not such a big deal not to have internet for a couple of days. Anyway, I can tell it doesn`t feel good either. And this is when I start asking myself: do I live with technology or do I rely on it all the time? I used to think I was quite an independent person: I like technology, but I can definitely live without it! I don`t need a computer, a cell phone, an iPod...but if I have it, I will use it. However, I noticed things are changing now (is it the US influence?). I still think a couple of days with no internet are not a big deal, but what if I didn`t have my cell phone? I know I don`t even use it everyday...but it`s good to know that I have it, and I can use it if I need to. Of course I can walk around just listening to the birds singing and the cars`and trucks`engines rumbling, but isn`t it much nicer to listen to my own music? I know how to wash dishes, but why not stick the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and let it do the hard work? I know I can dry the laundry by lying it flat...but why not save time and stick the wet and clean clothes in the dryer? I know I can heat meals up on the stove or in the oven, but why should I get all these pots and pans dirty if I can just stick the tings into the microwave in a microwave safe dish? Are you thinking the same as I am? Oh, my gosh...I think I`m a technology addict!! Will I ever go back to my normal life? Will I be able to do that? Will I adapt again to a time and space where technology didn`t help me so much? And which one is really worse? Living with or without all of this technology? Is technology really good for us? Or are the hours I spend working on the computer, talking on the cell phone or listening to my mp4 player preventing me to make new friends, talk to people, read a book? Many many people are discussing the subject and how technology changed our lives and our relationships. Having also this in mind, the people from the NY Times promoted a College Essay Contest with the theme: Modern Love. Of course, not only technology is contemplated, but it does play a big role "this age of 24/7 communication". I can`t wait to read the winner`s essay on May 4th. PS. I did try to put more blank essays in my post, as my teacher suggested, but apparently they won`t let me do it...any suggestions?

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