Monday, March 10, 2008

international dinner

I know, I know...I missed one day! I didn't write yesterday ...sorry about that, but I really did not have time. My teacher says that it is not so hard to find time: in 10-15 minutes we can write a couple of nice paragraphs. I don`t know about that...writing my paragraphs here takes me more than 15 minutes, that`s for sure :P
Ok, anyway, yesterday I didn't have even 15 minutes! I spent most of my time on several buses trying to go from one place to the next...argh! why is everything so far apart here? This is really something I can't get used to.
In spite of not writing anything, though, I had an idea: writing about Women's Day. I don`t know if they have it here at all, but I know in Brazil and Italy it is celebrated and women, besides getting the usual greetings, often get flowers from co-workers, boyfriends, husbands, etc. Here I didn't get anything...:( I have serious reasons, then, to believe there's no such thing as Women's Day here in the US.
So these are the couple of paragraphs I would have written yesterday, if I had time. Now let`s move to today :) The title of this post is already pretty self-explicative...I took part in an international dinner at Naomi`s house. Actually, the international dinner was supposed to be much more international than it really was: some girls gave up at the last minute, so that only Brazil and Australia were represented. Since I decided to take an Italian dish, I would say that also Italy was somehow represented. I originally waned to take Brazilian "paes de queijo", but I gave up because it`s impossible to get "polvilho" in here. My second idea was bringing Italian "melanzane alla parmigiana", but I had to give up because of some problems I had with the melanzane (eggplants/aubergines). Finally I decided to do Emmanuele`s famous "palline di ricotta alle erbe"...the result was not exactly what I had expected, but it worked out pretty well. The problem was the ricotta: in the US it is much softer than the Italian one.
Anyways, now I tried a lot of Australian dishes: meat pie, apricot chicken and the famous Pavlova (see pic)
Of course, everything was delicious...specially the Pavlova (my sweet tooth!) and I found out the Australian girls are really good cooks...unlike me, I guess :P
For next international dinner, I really need to do better...any suggestions?

PS. Australians insist that green and yellow are their national colors...who knows where they got this wrong (:P) idea. I mean, green and yellow are so Brazilian!! :P

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Emmanuele said...

So you cooked my "famous" dish...eheheh...nice, i'm happy to hear that my cuisine is known all over the world! ;) It's a great advertising for my next job... :)