Monday, March 03, 2008

Ice skating

Ok, for those who know me I know it sounds quite strange. What do I have to do with ice skating? First of all, ice skating is considered a sport. This should be already enough to place me hundreds miles from an ice rink. Also, when we think of ice skating, we think of slim, gracious girls sliding and moving gracefully on that slippery surface.
Well, for as impossible as it might seem, I enrolled in ice skating lessons. And if you are surprised, there`s actually more: i`m doing pretty good.
My first class, at Cabin John Ice Rink, was very nice. The very first thing we did was sitting on the ice and trying to get up (not hard, but of the utmost importance if you are a beginner - this meaning that we are expected to fall down a lot, which was not exactly an encouraging start). Luckily, we all (my classmates and I) did a very good job. Soon we were trying out a borad range of exercises and I saw myself doing things i`ve never dreamt of (going backwards, for instance). Today I had my second class (we only have a thirty-minute class per week) and I started feeling more confident. We had more exercises to learn how to break, move forward and backwards. We also learned how to move counterclockwise in a circle just the way experienced ice skaters do it: putting one foot in front of the other in a way that you sort of cross your legs. Of course, I did pretty poorly if we consider what experienced ice-skaters do. However, I`m pretty happy with my results. Now I need to practice, pratice, practice so that I will master what I learnt.
For those who live in the area (Montgomery County, MD) check out the website of Cabin John ice rink! If you take group classes, you`ll pay 87 dollars for six 30-minute classes, and this includes skate rental ando live in the area (Montgomery County), check ou 6 passes to go to the ice rink for practicing what you learned. I think it`s a good deal :)

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