Monday, March 10, 2008


It`s such a dull day today that I don`t have anything to say, almost. Thus, I decided to talk about movies. The Academy Awards already happened and the good movies already won something. Anyway, even valuing the critics opinions, I still have my own ideas of what is a good or a bad movie. Saturday I got American Gangster at Redbox (one movie, one dollar = great deal) and I liked it a lot in spite of what my mom called "a lot of violence and noise". Of course, being about a gangster, it couldn`t be different. I really enjoyed the main actors` performance and I have to say that there was a point in all the fuss they made when the movie came out. The first Oscar movie I saw was Juno. It`s just a wonderful movie. I really enjoyed it: it`s funny, it`s a snap shot of real life, it`s straightforward, it`s about a deep subject (even if it doesn`t go so deep, as if the director would sort of expect some work from the spectators), the soundtrack is sweet and the main actress, Ellen page, is a very good one. I also watched brothers Coen`s No Country for Old Man, which was chosen as best movie. I must say the movie is very nice, it`s very deep since it deals with the good and evil in each of us. I would say this movie has a certain personality. Now, most of the people in it speak in Texan American English and it was soooo hard to understand. Since I watched it at the movie theater, there were no subtitles :( Even if there were subtitles, though, I believe I would have had a hard time understanding the idioms, expressions and jokes... Oh, yeah, I`ve also seen Atonement. I loved Keira Knightley in the movie (I really like her acting) and I liked the movie, in spite of the feelings it arouses in you. I mean, it wasn`t really pleasant for me to watch the movie, but I reckon this is exactly what the author wanted, so that the movie in the end must be good. The movie is mostly about the mingling of fantasy into reality in a young writer`s head and the effects of this mingling in real life. Also, it' s about growing and coming to see things from different perspectives according to the age. Finally it's about tragedy, suffering and regret. No wonder you don`t feel good while you`re watching it... Ok, that`s it...I guess my really favorite of the four was Juno. I would easily watch it again. Proably I would watch No Country For Old Men again, too, just to get subtitles and understand a little bit more of the movie. I still haven`t seen There Will Be Blood...I`ll let you know when I see it. What about your favorite one?

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