Friday, March 28, 2008

movies I wanna see

Finally, I have been waiting for too long for this day to come!! I saw this movie trailer in January, and only now the movie has come to the theaters! Of course, I can`t wait to see it... In honor of this movie, I will talk a little bit about the movies I wanna see.

First place, of course, Stop Loss. It is by Kimberley Peirce, the same director of the famous and awarded Boys don`t cry. Apparently, this is a war movie nased on Iraq. I say "apparently" because the director does not share this view. It was not her objective to shoot a movie ABOUT the war. War is a contour, but a very important one. Being interested in the movie, I've been reading some articles on the NY Times and the Washington Post about the release of the movie and the director's point of view. What I found out from the reading is that Peirce wanted in fact to portrait how loyal and important friendship (and, more specifically, comradeship) can be for young men at war. This is the main objective, but it is undeniable that a certain criticism against the war and the surreptitious ways the American army employed to make sure to have a certain contingent of soldiers in the hostile land. I haven`t seen the movie but I can`t wait.

Another movie that I found out about was mentioned in my previous post. It`s Zach Braff`s Garden State (2004). I found out about the movie thanks to the song Let Go by Frou Frou, and I have to say I was quite skeptical about it at the beginning. Watching the trailer and reading some reviews of the film, I had to change my mind and now I really want to see it. Reviewers said Braff, besides being a great actor, proved himself as a great director with a very musical ear.

Thanks to the same song, I came to know another movie, not an American one this time, but a French movie. The original title is
Jeux d'Enfants, which in English became Love me if you dare (2003). It is a drama/comedy on a girl and a boy with a strong connection, which eventually will turn out to be love. Their love and connection is based on a game they have played since they were young. The game is based on bets, and they keep playing it as they grow older and as they become adults. The bets grow also more defiant and hazardous with time, so much so as to put life itself in danger. I`ve also read amazing reviews about this really seems to be good.

Finally, we go back in time. My host dad told me I should watch two movies: Gettysburg, for historical purposes, since he said we might go and visit the cities one of these week-ends; and
Blame it on Rio, a commedy with a Lolita flavor, from what I heard. The film is aout two adult friends who go spend their holidays in Rio. One of the friends bring the 16-year-old daughter who has a ig crush on her dad`s friend and tries to seduce him on Rio`s beaches. The mature man tries not to fall in the girl`s traps, but it is not easy...I have no idea how the movie ends. I guess I have to watch it now...

So, does anybody have suggestions for a good movie? I can add it to the list...


Emmanuele said...

Can i suggest Apollo XIII? ^_^ Just kidding...i must admit that i haven't seen anyone of the movies u cited yet..but in these last months i'm trying to go to the cinema more than in the past...i can got it! :)

adry mendes said...

Hi!! Thanx for the suggestion...coming from you,, I should have expected a sci-fi suggestion.
I saw Stop Loss yesterday. The movie is really, really strong, and I would generally recommend it. I don`t know if YOU would like it, though.
I`m waiting for more suggestions, ok?

Emmanuele said...

Why you wrote YOU so big? ehehhe...well, i'm going to go seeing Stop loss as soon as possible...but i think that it will take about several months for its arrive in Italy..

Do u want another suggestion 4 ur readers? Well, i suggest PS:I love you, the movie is not one of the best i've ever seen, but the story is not bad and Ireland is wonderful! I love it! ;)